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Пливачки клуб Црвена звезда медаље


Swimming has always been a popular activity, and over time the techniques have improved, making it one of the most sought-after sports today. Professional swimming training is especially useful for young people who are developing both physically and mentally. Our club has excellent conditions for exercise, learning, but also for professional advancement and the development of a competitive career.

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Звездин пливачки тим редовно учествује на такмичењима 

Winter Camp

Пливачки клуб Црвена Звезда организује зимски камп


Звездин пливачки тим редовно учествује на такмичењима 

History of the club

Back in 1945, while the war was still being fought on the Srem Front, the Red Star Sports Association was founded. In the newly established sports collective, the swimming team enthusiastically launched an initiative to establish a swimming club. The main initiators of the establishment of the new section were Dušan Đukić and Đorđe Paljić, the first president of the Crvena zvezda football club

Our most outstanding swimmers were Severin Bijelić, a top swimmer and pioneer of water polo in Belgrade, as well as Miša Stanojev, a member of the national team who swam the 400m freestyle under six minutes. The first generation of excellent swimmers was inherited by Miša Mladenović, Zoran Drakulić, Čedomir Zlatić, Đorđe Kostić, Stevan Nikić.

New generations were born, and young stars Srđan Filipović, Predrag Stojadinović, Goran Radošević and Dragana Matović brought the club to the top of the state again with victories in individual championships. The team championship title was won in 1992, for the third time. The coaching staff was then complete and it brought success. It consisted of Aleksandar Škanata and Tatjana Knežević, professional coaches Maja Ivanišević and Anton Mirković, and legendary teachers of the greatest aces of Yugoslav swimming such as Đurđica Bjedov, Nenad and Predrag Miloš and Žarko Mitrović.

Љутице Богдана 1А

О нама

Пливачки клуб Црвена звезда има вишедеценијску традицију рада и многобројне успехе на такмичењима. Млади пливачи имају прилику да се развијају у одличним условима кроз рад са искусним тренерима.

Школа пливања

Пливање је идеалан начин за развијање духа и тела код младих. Наш пливачки клуб пружа могућност да се овим спортом дете бави рекреативно, али и припреми за професионалну каријеру.